ROKU Helping to enabling retail marketing across the globe.

When Roku set out to develop their revolutionary streaming player, we’re not sure if the Silicon Valley success story knew just how much they would disrupt the status quo of traditional TV programming. In 2011, Advoque was hired to manage all of Roku’s display programs from the inception of their retail marketing efforts. Retailers have included Best Buy, Costco, Fry’s Electronics, HH Gregg, Sam’s Club, Target, Verizon, Walmart, and other regional stores. Advoque works closely with Roku’s Channel Marketing Director (and his respective team) to articulate the approach of all retail displays, messaging, and technologies. We also assist in partner co-branding efforts for Amazon, CinemaNow, HBO, Hulu, Showtime, and several other groups. We’d like to think of Advoque as a partner to Roku, since our teams are in contact on the daily – in other words, we changed our Facebook status to, “In a Relationship.”