Anova approached us with a request for a new inline display for their Sous Vide Precision Cooker slated to be featured in Best Buy stores across the nation.

Our skilled engineering and creative teams began by creating 2D and 3D composites of various options. After several conceptual form and function presentations with Anova’s marketing team, we presented a working prototype, then after a few adjustments, shifted to production.

The graphics were printed direct-to-substrate on white acrylic and cut using one of our Zund CNC routers. The next step was to give the display its final shape. To achieve this we applied the cut acrylic sheets to heat strips and pressed the now malleable acrylic against our in-house custom-built fixture – after it cooled, voila! We have our shape. The final assembly required mounting the product to the display, as well as placement of the engineered cardboard protection inserts and final kitting, making the display ready to ship.

The result is a sleek and durable display that Anova can proudly feature on Best Buy retail stores throughout the USA.


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