We designed, built and deployed the Roku TV endcap to all Best Buy stores nationwide last year. We’re now in charge of updating the graphics, video buttons, videos, and monitor.

In retail marketing, an endcap is a display for a product placed at the end of an aisle. It is perceived to give a brand a competitive advantage. It is often available for lease to a manufacturer in a retail environment.

About Roku TV

Roku is a unique client because they’re a market leader in streaming content. They have a wide range of streaming options on their platform. There are free channels with popular streaming services—like Netflix and Hulu—you can also rent the latest TV episodes, or even own major blockbusters through their platform.

Since there are so many options between movies, TV and innovative features that make it simple to stream, it’s easy to see why Roku produces America’s favorite streaming players.

Roku TV

Roku TV Endcap

For Advoque, this was an especially interesting launch because of Roku’s multi-tiered product offerings. We were tasked with showing clear delineations between their entry level product, all the way on up to their premiere product.  We also had to show off all of the content that’s available in a short amount of time, so keeping the entire process elegant was the biggest challenge.

Capturing the brand

Capturing Roku’s brand essence was a huge goal for us. Since Roku is the leader in streaming products, utilizing interactive video content was paramount in telling their story.  Not all display systems we built for Roku allow for video, but for stores like Best Buy, we often have the ability to build-in interactive video that the customer selects while they’re engaged with the display.  If we can engage the customer, we can tell the story, enabling us to influence an informed purchase.

Working hand in hand with Roku was an fascinating process. The main reason was because their internal marketing teams are slightly unusual, in that, they don’t adhere to the typical brand police tactics experienced with most companies.  Because there’s 350,000 movies and TV shows to choose from, as well as 3,000+ channel partners, the approach in telling their story can take on many faces.  We work direct with the Channel Marketing Director, the Roku marketing team, and their channel partners to assist with co-brand efforts.  This constant movement of focus keeps their efforts fresh, helping all teams to continually create compelling results while adhering to traditional brand standards.

Roku TV

Roku TV Angry Bird Endcap

Roku is also a very unique brand. They’ve created an amazing platform for both top-tier and entry level channel partners. All of the channels we recognize are ready to roll… Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, Showtime Anytime, CNN, NBA, etc. However, far beyond the channels we expect to see, they’ve created partnerships with 3,000+ content providers for a variety of niche choices such as Japanese anime, motorcycle racing, live concerts, food, and so on.

The on-going process with Roku has proved to be extremely rewarding because of the uniqueness of their company. Their vision and brand identity has driven Advoque to be more creative and more strategic.

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