Roost is a real-tech company headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA. What’s real-tech? Simply put, it’s innovative solutions that fix practical, everyday problems in the home. Examples include familiar solutions like solar panels and more complex ones like lights with brightness adjustable by phone.

Roost came to Advoque for packaging design and production of their Smart Smoke Alarms and Smart Batteries. We designed all aspects of the packaging, integrating clear thermoform trays that translucently trap the product within the container, as well as the design of the overall packaging sleeve.

As described on their website, “The Roost Smart Smoke Alarm series combines the safety and robustness of best-in-class detection technology with the convenience and peace of mind of the Roost Smart Battery. Each Roost Smart Smoke Alarm is powered by the innovative Roost Smart Battery.” 

A unique product

This was a unique project for us from the start. Roost came to Advoque with a few nearly finished products since the inception of their company in 2015.  They had a logo, a smart smoke alarm, and a smart battery product that worked in tandem or separate from the smoke alarm.  

We took their products and began wrapping conceptual art direction around both, developing imagery, messaging, and brand language within the newly created marketplace. Our advantage in the development of both products was the simple truth that there were only two real competitors in the space that had already launched, so we could see the brand positions and work in key differentiators that assisted us in carving out a unique presentation.


Capturing the Roost brand

We wanted to carve out a distinct line in the sand between Roost products and their competitors through clear messaging, crisp imagery, and bold color pallets to define the four products.  This proved to be a challenge, balancing all the features while keeping the approach elegant. Our biggest hurdle was how the user would be presented with the product once the telescoping box was opened.  We developed clear thermoform trays that trapped the smoke alarm within the enclosure, giving it the appearance that the product was floating. We then created a bed within the top tray that held the smart battery, giving the visual of the product floating.  We also created and printed the user manuals and quick start guides. Securing the brand treatment was consistent at every step of engagement.

Roost importance

Roost has leveraged their patented technology to launch a best in class solution in the connected home space.  While it’s too early to predict adoption, we do recognize the achievement and feel this is one of many essential tools for smart technologies.




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