Heather Fedorov

HR Czar + Purchasing Manager

A San Jose native, Mrs. Fedorov is a versatile individual who brings a wealth of experience and interest to the table. Before joining Advoque, she was a teacher/administrator at a private school, a police officer (yes, you read correctly, a police officer), and even started a small business in high school with the support of her father. She cites her grandfather for teaching her to repair cars and her father, a software/hardware engineer, for teaching her about computers. Heather runs point on many fronts for the company and we appreciate her tenacity and hard work! Fun fact: Heather’s father owns a patent for a web browser.

In her personal life, Heather enjoys movies, cycling, going to the beach, cooking, baking, and even creates her own recipes. At home, she raises two children with her husband and is an animal lover. Her favorite dogs are Dobermans which she used to show while attending high school and college.

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