We always strive to provide the best possible service for our clients… case in point, here’s a look at how we mount litho sheets to corrugate, die cut, and assemble parts for a Roku Shipper display destined for 3,500 Walmart stores nationwide!

Let’s go over how we produce shipper displays for our clients. First step: after creative is complete and we’ve received printed sheets, we’ll mount the litho sheet to a material such as corrugated cardboard. Once mounting is complete, the next step is to die cut. The process of die cutting allows us to quickly manufacture large amounts of pieces with the same shape. This is done by pressing different types of substrates (in this case, cardboard) between two metal blades. The die has a custom design that allows us to generate any desired shape.

Once all manufactured pieces are mounted and die cut, they’re taken to our production line where all parts are assembled to create displays that our clients can feel proud to have displayed in big box retail stores.


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