2019 Roku TV Endcap at Best Buy

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2019 Roku TV Endcap at Best Buy

Advoque was tasked with creating a new and compelling replacement for the Roku TV endcap, already in place at Best Buy stores nationwide. We pushed for a more elegant form factor, presenting several composites that modernized the solution we built and deployed in 2017. Utilizing a steel base with a pierce-cut Roku logo, we placed 1/4″ frosted acrylic characters.

We wanted the logo to glow, which slightly pushed the envelope for Best Buy’s style guide. By demonstrating that we could control the volume of light on the glow, this helped sell the retailer on the desired effect. Another notable feature was the top deck graphic, which was printed and Zund cut on magnetic material that adhered direct to the top deck. This feature allows the graphic to be easily updated in the field, in seconds! We completed the endcap with an all steel backwall assembly that was powder coated and fitted with a TV mount, a 50″ 4K monitor installed, at the time of installation.

Honing in on the creative direction is always a challenge, but the accelerated build schedule presented its own set of hurdles to overcome. We built the bases, backwalls, deck panels, and footer decks in grouped sets, that fed the line at a steady flow. This allowed the assembly teams to keep focused on a build schedule of 70 units per day, while the build teams fed new manufactured parts daily. Once materials were ordered and our production lines were set, we kept our production teams focused only on the Roku TV endcap build until the job was complete.


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