A seasoned member of Advoque’s accounting team, Theresa was born in Kansas but, being a Navy brat, found herself in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains at age 6 when her family made the move. Her fondness for outdoors blossomed as she explored the beach, hiked through the hills, and camped in the great California wilderness. She has a love for gardening and annually attends the Northern California Renaissance Faire when she isn’t crunching numbers.

Theresa is the oldest of four siblings and a self-professed latchkey kid. Thus, she took on the responsibility of looking after her siblings. Her family has grown to include four children of her own and four grandchildren, with another on the way.

Her upbringing gave her the confidence to successfully run a small business—the Santa Cruz Pasta Factory—for 27 years. It was a fun, ever-evolving experience and, although she did not go to college, it helped provide her the means to provide all four of her children with a college education.

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