Pioneer DJ: Our EDM Display

//Pioneer DJ: Our EDM Display

Pioneer DJ: Our EDM Display

Pioneer DJ: Our EDM Display



Pioneer DJ: Our EDM Display

At Pioneer DJ, the slogan “Move the Heart and Touch the Soul,” means more than words can express. To that point, Pioneer DJ products have become a globally recognized industry standard, making them the premier choice for the most talented professional DJs worldwide.

From the local performer to stadium tours, there sits their mixer, controller, and player products. Our team took their product cues (must inspire, create desire, and most importantly – enhance performance) to allow us to create an over-the-top award-winning in-store display system for Guitar Center and Sam Ash Music Centers.

The displays were so well received that Pioneer used them as their spotlight attraction for their NAMM trade show booth.  Um tis um tis um tis…

Working with Pioneer DJ and their cool products.

From conception, the idea was to use elements known to the DJ world in the design and to build the WOW factor into the display.  Custom metal trusses, DJ cases, lighting, sharp video, detailed print graphics were all used to achieve our goal.  Both Pioneer and Pioneer Pro DJ have strict global brand guidelines which we made sure to adhere to in relationship to logos and messaging.

Pioneer DJ
Pioneer DJ

Pioneer closing notes

From the beginning of this project the team involved all directly impacted departments, both internally and with retail dealers,  in the creation and design of the end result of the Pioneer Pro DJ Retail Experience.  (1) The display has completely satisfied brand management goals of brand elevation, education, and visibility, (2) the retailers needs to provide cost effective training and education for sales staff, and product protection from a loss prevention stand point with the securely fastened product mounted on the display.  (3) And the goal from the launch of the Pioneer Pro DJ Retail Experience was to support Pioneer Pro DJ’s high brand image and philosophy.


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