Introducing the Treadsled!

//Introducing the Treadsled!

Introducing the Treadsled!

Introducing the Treadsled!



Introducing the Treadsled!

Treadsled approached us with an interesting product; they needed a motor-less athletic performance treadmill specifically designed to improve speed and conditioning for professional athletes and novices. The product had to be able to endure heavy punishment and be mass-produced affordably, two significant challenges. The engineering and build teams at Advoque jumped at the opportunity to run the project and did what we do best… came up with a solution!

All aspects of development were done in-house, from engineering, to production, to assembly and kitting. We used our laser cutter to shape the mounting points into the steel frame, and created custom brackets to hold the structure together and allow for a four height adjustable system. All steel fabrication and molding was performed in-house by our talented team, and the result was an easy to assemble, extremely solid steel frame, that could not only take a beating but also last for a very long time.

These products are continually in our production queue and we build and ship direct to desired locations as Treadsled takes orders, making fulfillment for the customer a breeze.


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